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Canva Pro — The Best Content Creation Service For Bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokkers

Canva Pro — The Best Content Creation Service For Bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokkers
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Since I started writing blogs, making videos, and composing tweets, I have used all kinds of tools to make lovely creative images. Back in the day, I used Photoshop most of the time.

A few years back, I was searching for something simpler, a way to make these creative images and videos for my blogs on my smartphone or tablet.

My smartphone is becoming more and more important for creativity and writing my ideas for content. So I found a companion in Canva.

Yes, I’ve included my affiliate link here. But you can ignore it if you want!
I wouldn’t write about Canva if I wouldn’t like it or didn’t use it myself on a daily basis. 😉. If you want a link to Canva without my affiliate link, here it is 👍

Why I Switched From Photoshop to Canva?

The possibilities for Photoshop are endless. Well, you have to spend so much time getting comfortable with it. You can create stunning images and artwork with it. But I think it’s too complex to make simple creative images for social media, blogs, or newsletters. Yes, you can use it on different devices, but it’s not that easy.

Canva, on the other hand, is multi-platform by nature. Use it on every browser, mobile device, and touch device. Wherever you want!

Creating an image for social media or video intro for Youtube is as easy as picking a great template, changing colors for your branch, change your logo and content. And there you have your result.

Want to resize it? It’s a piece of cake changing the width and height. It doesn’t matter if you're creating an image or video.

What made me change?

  • Easy interface
  • Social media image, video, and presentation in no-time
  • I choose on which device I start or continue
  • Never lose files; everything is saved in the cloud! 👍

My favorite features of Canva Pro

Canva has loads of features, but I love to show you my favorite 5.

Feature 1: Templates

The best feature of Canva is the templates! They have loads of templates in every category you might need. Presentations, Instagram Posts or Stories, TikTok, Youtube Thumbnails, and Facebook Cover photos are examples they have.

Some creative people even sell their Canva Templates via Etsy.

Feature 2: Resizing

Resizing is a feature of the Canva Pro tier. (You can try Canva Pro 30 days for free) You can set any dimension you like. But you can also choose from the predefined sizes for a Facebook Post or an Instagram Story.

In the free tier, you can set the size beforehand. But if you like to have a different size later on, just open a new Canva project and copy all your objects and paste them into the new project 😅.

Feature 3: Animations

Animations are great for videos and presentations. You can find this feature in the free tier as well.

There are page animations where you can set the animation type for the whole page or select every object in your design and apply a different animation.

Feature 4: Brand kit

Every brand has its colors and fonts. Well, Canva makes it super easy to make a set of brand colors, brand logos, and fonts.

Whenever you select an object where you can change the color or font, it’s easily selectable. Next to that, they also give options of colors already in photos that are included in your design.

Feature 5: Exporting

After you finish your design, you want to download it to your computer or smartphone. Click the share button and press download to see all your options. Most options are for the free tier, some are only in the Pro tier.

Bonus 🎊

Last but not least, every feature I listed is available in every browser, smartphone, or tablet. So if you like to design on your desktop, and need an image on your phone, just export it on your phone with the Canva app.

Try Canva Pro for free

You can try Canva Pro for free! 👍

Pricing of Canva

For months I’ve used the free tier of Canva. In my opinion, there are not a lot of restrictions when using the free tier. You can’t use Premium photos, resizing afterward isn’t possible, some export limitations. But there are still a ton of things you can do 👍

For a Pro account, you pay 109,99 euros a year per person. If you want to use it as a team, you pay 139,99 euros a year per 5 persons.

If you prefer a monthly payment instead of a yearly. It will be a bit more expensive. 11,99 euros per month for the Pro tier or 13,99 euros a month for the Pro Teams tier.

But if you compare this pricing against the Creative Cloud by Adobe, Canva is way cheaper. It’s just a matter of what you need.

Canva Pro is the best solution for…

Maybe Canva is not for every content creator, but I think it’s awesome for a great variety of content creators like:

  • Creative people
  • YouTubers
  • TikTokkers
  • Social Media managers
  • Influencers
  • Developers
  • Marketing managers
  • And a lot more.


Upgrading to Canva Pro was my best investment in 2022. It saves me time and extends my creativity in many ways.

Thanks for reading all the way down to here 🙏I hope you enjoyed it as much as enjoyed writing this. 😊

Want to give Canva Pro a shot for free? Create a free account and try Canva Pro for 30 days. I guarantee it won’t disappoint you!


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