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Why use Tailwind CSS with NextJS

TailWind CSS + NextJS = Web Dev ♥️

How To Build and Deploy a JAM-stack Website Fast With NextJS — in 5 steps

NextJS is one of the best tools for building JAM-stack websites with all kinds of content sources.

5 Development Retrospective Questions to Have Great Discussions

Not all discussions are great. Let’s improve them

How to Learn JavaScript The Easy Way?

A Tiny Step At The Time Is More Than Enough To Become A Pro

Tips to Create Developer Tutorials — in 5 steps

Want to create development tutorials but you aren’t sure where to start? Start here!

5 Rules to Improve Code Readability

Code readability is a feature of your application (even if your users don’t see it)

The best Developer & Programming news


Use CLI tools From Mac/Linux On Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL2 is so powerful to make the switch from Mac a breeze.

3 Todo’s Before Applying For A Junior Developer Job

Introduction to Angular Testing Methods

Isolated, Shallow, Integrated, and End to end testing

How To Build A Serverless Webshop — part 2

Product list and detail view with Angular

How To Build A Serverless Webshop

Connect Angular and FaunaDB with Netlify Serverless functions

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

TypeScript’s New Top-Level Await

We don’t need an async function wrapper anymore

Jump Start Your Developer Career From Zero To Hero

A Method So Simple It Will Blow Your Mind!

4 Steps to Get Started With Serverless Functions on Netlify

The most powerful tool for front-end developers

Native Lazy Loading in the Browser

How we do it now and how we did it in the early days

5 Steps Give Structure To Your Development Projects

Are you not able to manage your programming projects? Try this!

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Dear CodeNewbie, Be 1% Better Everyday!

Please don’t think that experienced developers know everything from their head! No! I’m searching basic switch...

JavaScript Concepts You Need Before Starting w/ Frameworks & Libraries

Don’t start before you are comfortable with them

5 Tips To Make 100DaysOfCode Effective For Everyone!

Spend Your Time Wisely To Learn To Code

4 Developer Job Interview Questions You Need To Be Prepared For

Good preparation is half the work.

3 Tips To Use Const Variable More Often in JavaScript

Use Const by default, unless it needs to change.

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How To Build A Dark Mode Switcher with CSS Variables

Build a Dark Mode Switcher with CSS Variable, JavaScript and TypeScript

Do You Fear Missing The Train Of The Next Framework?

FOMO is a real thing in the developer community

You Picked The Wrong Side of the JavaScript War

And nobody is winning!

The Thin Line Between Flexibility, Readability, and Scalability in Software Development

What would be your strategy?

The Undefined Dev #1

Developer write log without defining about what ☺️

3 Tools to Start Programming on a Tablet or Mobile Phone

Coding doesn’t only have to take place when you’re at your desktop or laptop

3 Lessons From Developer Job Rejections

Push through even when it’s hard!

TypeScript For Beginners

A practical way to learn TypeScript from scratch

How to Create Gradient Titles Like Apple’s iPad Pro Page

Use CSS to build them yourself

Testing Strategies for Front-End Developers

Solidify your front-end code

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How to Build Fast, Advanced JSON-Powered Forms on Angular With ngx-formly

Validations, repeatable sections, conditional fields, and submitting your form to your API

6 Tips to Focus if You Work From Home as a Developer

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Let’s make it easier!

How To Develop A Positive Mindset

It’s not about not being realistic, it’s about being optimistic

We Are Not Serious Enough About Software Development

Why don’t we treat software the way we treat real-world infrastructure?

5 Visual Studio Code Extensions to Improve Your Productivity

Improving our development workflow in VS Code

How To Earn Money As Programmer During The Coronavirus

3 Ways Programmers Can Get Paid Without The Need Of A Job

Build Fast, JSON-Powered Forms on Angular With NGX Formly

Forms can be a nightmare — let’s make them better

3 Toxic Dev Team Behaviors

And the solutions to solve them

What Is The Scope In JavaScript

Explanation about the behaviour of Var, Const, Let, Functions, Objects and Classes in the Global Scope.

5 Lessons From Writing Programming Tutorials for 8 Years

Push through all boundaries, even though it’s hard

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2 Ways to Resolve Duplication in JavaScript Arrays and Objects

Do you know how to deal with duplication?

Top 5 Favourite Medium JavaScript Posts

My favourite posts of Februari 2020 about JavaScript Development

You Don’t Need a JavaScript Framework

Sometimes React, Angular, or Vue.js might be too much

3 Tips for Junior Developers

It’s not easy to be a junior developer, but stick with it, it’s worth it

Classes With Private Properties in TypeScript 3.8

Finally, privacy in TypeScript/JavaScript classes

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The Skill You Need to Grow as a Person

Be helpfull to anyone in everything, it’s a WIN-WIN!

5 Reasons Why You Should Write Technical Blog Posts as Developer

How writing technical blog posts can help you early in your developer career

Make Your JavaScript Objects More Predictable by Creating Maps

No more undefined properties

7 Steps to Dockerize Your Angular 9 App With Nginx

Set up your Angular 9 app in a Docker environment and deploy it in no time

An Introduction to TypeScript Property Decorators

A deeper dive into TypeScript decorators

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7 Lessons I Learned While Being a Developer for 10 Years

Lessons I learned which will hopefully save you time and stress

A Practical Introduction to TypeScript Class Decorators

Classes on fire in TypeScript with class decorators

Prevent “Cannot read property ‘…’ of undefined” errors with JavaScript Classes + TypeScript

Every developer who did some JavaScript has got errors like “Cannot read property ‘…’ of undefined”. There is ...

Dive into GraphQL with Apollo Client by Building a SpaceX 🚀 App in Angular 9

I know that this sounds odder than it is, but using GraphQL in an Angular 9 application with Apollo Client fee...

GraphQL (microservices) architecture by Apollo

GraphQL is fantastic! Apollo build tooling around it to make our life easier, to use it at scale

Thoughts About Micro-Frontends in 2020

Why it could be good to break up your monolithic front-end codebase

Lazy-loading images with the Intersection Observer

Git 101 - STEP 4: merging branches, merge conflicts & cherry-pick

How to spice up your technical skills during the end of 2017 hollidays!

Git 101 – Step 3: branches

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Screw New Years resolutions as a web developer! (Work Hard, Play hard)

Git 101 – Step 2: add, stage, commit & push

Top 5 things most junior developers forget, before applying a (new) job!

Git 101 – Step 1: setup, create repo local and remote repository

Black Friday Discount , Web Dev news, VueJS & Frontend Love Conference 2018

Start building a simple Portfolio Website for a Junior Developer

VueJS Conference, Frontend Love Conference, Web Development News

Introduction to SSR with NextJS and NuxtJS

Mr Frontend Podcast #4 – How and why should start blogging as Junior Developer

JavaScript Basics: How to create private & public functions in JavaScript with the Module Pattern

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

5 tips for landing your first Junior Web Development job!

JavaScript Basics: How to return a value from a function in Vanilla JavaScript

🎧 Mr Frontend Podcast #2: What/Who is Mr Frontend and 3 tips for beginner developers!

JavaScript basics: How to add and remove elements with Vanilla JavaScript

🎧 Mr Frontend Podcast #1 – The JavaScript Framework War

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JavaScript basics: 2 ways to get child elements with JavaScript

jQuery does not help you learn JavaScript

JavaScript basics: Select one or multiple HTML elements

How I think about the Imposter Syndrome from a Developer perspective

How to write better CSS with BEM

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

3 ways to loop over Object properties with Vanilla JavaScript (ES6 included)