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How to Learn JavaScript The Easy Way?
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JavaScript was so popular last year. Every year there is a poll by StackOverflow that shows this. A lot of codenewbies are also very interested in learning it. But how do you start with learning JavaScript if you know HTML & CSS?

I love to tell you more and give you a 3-step action plan to get started in this post.

1. Start with the theory first!

When you think about learning JavaScript, you probably know what you can build with it. Diving into the cool stuff and complicated stuff sounds nice but can make you feel like drowning!

I started with jQuery in early 2009, but it wasn’t the best idea. I got some things working, and that felt good! Until the point bugs began to happen 🥴

Because I didn’t invest time learning some theory on how things work in JavaScript, I got stuck! From that moment, I decided to invest time in diving into the theory.

2. Apply theory in small projects

When learning a thing, in theory, it’s good to practice it in your projects.

I know big projects sound tempting to apply the theory. But a baby doesn’t learn walking in 1 step either, right. So it’s a better idea to try it first in a small project.

3. Repeat this process

Repeat this until you understand that piece of theory. Then hop on to the next small amount of view.

Piece by piece, step by step! That’s how you learn to walk and even running eventually. So take it easy. 😉👍

JavaScript can make you view drowning; I had that same experience years ago! But learning it by doing a small project will make you feel winning 🏆.

That’s why I work on a program to ”Learn JavaScript The Easy Way”. To help you with the theory and the small projects.

Feel free to subscribe for free, and I will send you the first project 😃.


I’m Ray, a Frontend Developer since 2009 living in the Netherlands. I write about Frontend Development, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, CSS, VueJS and a lot more related topics.

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