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3 Todo’s Before Applying For A Junior Developer Job

3 Todo’s Before Applying For A Junior Developer Job
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I’ve seen a lot of job applications from junior developers. Most of the applications are made with the best intentions but don’t include a few important things.

In this post, I want to share with you 3 things you should prepare before you apply for a (junior) developer job.

With these 3 tips, companies will notice your preparation and will be more willing to invite you for an interview.

1. Prepare Code Examples

A developer writes code, right? Yeah duh!! Well before you get hired by a company, that company wants to see your capabilities off-course.

Most of the time they like it when you include your Github profile, portfolio, or blog.

So it is very important to include some examples of code when you send your job application.

Make sure that code you write is on Github. This is the best way to prepare code examples or even bigger projects. With those repositories, you show what you can do.

Maybe even better, include the links of projects you are the proudest of. They don’t have to be perfect. Because perfect doesn’t exist! Just give it YOUR best 😉

2. Build a portfolio and blog

Next to preparing code examples on Github, it is a very good idea to have a website with a portfolio and maybe even a blog.

Via this way you can show your best projects, you’ve built. Or you write blogs about your projects or even explain the things you learned in the code.

I’ve found it fascinating when I see websites from junior developers who put in a lot of effort.

Having a website with a portfolio and blog can give a +1 for others. Your showing with this that you love what you do.

3. Why should they hire you?

Think about why a company should hire you. And, NO don’t start doubting yourself. Just know what you like, what you don’t like. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

It is also a good idea to use these reasons in the letter you send to a potential employer. If you do, you make it very clear why they should hire you.

Make sure that if you don’t write it in the letter, that you make a list for yourself. When you have a job interview, you are prepared.


I hope these 3 todos will help you get better chances when applying for a job. If you want to share your portfolio, blog, or project you’ve worked on to get some feedback. Please share them in the comments 😉

Happy Coding 🚀


I’m Ray, a Frontend Developer since 2009 living in the Netherlands. I write about Frontend Development, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, CSS, VueJS and a lot more related topics.

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