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Dear CodeNewbie, Be 1% Better Everyday!

Dear CodeNewbie, Be 1% Better Everyday!

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Please don’t think that experienced developers know everything from their heads! No! I’m searching basic switches a lot of times because they won’t stick.

It’s good if you know these things from your head though, but if you don’t, but know when to use them and where to look for, that will make your work so much easier!

Learning these things will only come when building a lot of things by yourself!

Tutorials are nice, but they won’t teach you the struggle and the skill of Google-ing. So if you want to practice your skills, leave the tutorials for a while and build your own things! You definitely will thank me later!

Being a developer is not about being the best! It’s about solving problems for yourself and others. It’s for making our lives easier than before.

When you build things to solve your own problems, this won’t make you better as others, but it will teach you how to solve problems in your work and daily living.

If you take one lesson from this post, let it be “Don’t try to be the best! Try to be 1% better every day!”.

I’ve gathered a couple of aspiring developers around the world on a Discord server, feel free if you like to join in.


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