You Picked The Wrong Side of the JavaScript War

You Picked The Wrong Side of the JavaScript War

The war inside the JavaScript community doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s running for many years and people are fighting which one is the best.

But if you joined the war and picked one of the frameworks as your weapons, you’re picking the wrong side.

I Won’t Join The JavaScript War

To be honest I’ve never picked a framework to believe in it as a sort of religion. I started with jQuery because it gave me the feeling of having superpowers. Even though I didn’t understand it for 100%.

It was not my religion, but I did know how to sort of use it. I knew the basics to create simple animations which gave the feeling of being on 🔥.

Years later I discovered AngularJS. My lead developer showed me what cool thing he could do with it. This gave me back the feeling of having superpowers.

But I didn’t know other frameworks at that time, so nothing to declare a war against.

When React came out I wasn’t onboard. I was into AngularJS, so I saw no reason.

A few months later the library pulled my interest to try something new. So I did a few experiments with it and I liked it.

In the same way, I did some experiments with VueJS.

Around the time Angular 2 was in beta, I picked Angular 2 to try it out. But I didn’t know TypeScript, so Angular 2 was a new interesting adventure.

Currently, I’m working with my team on an Angular application, I like it, but I also like the other frameworks.

The JavaScript War is pointless

A few days ago I’ve done a poll on Twitter and of course, I gave people the feeling that it is a rightful war.

Well, it’s not a war, because nobody is gonna win that war! But I’m interested in how other people would look at this.

Look at all the popular JavaScript framework, they all have similar goals.

  1. Build applications in the browser
  2. Help developers to build it faster
  3. Make developers feel super powerful

But they all pick different ideas and ways to put them in place them.

The Angular building blocks are components, which are JavaScript classes. The framework is relying the power of TypeScript.

React is all about components that can build by JavaScript classes and functions.

VueJS is about components. It’s a great combination between React and Angular. The best of both worlds.

Sorry if I didn’t name your favorite JavaScript framework!

All the frameworks are helping us build cool applications. One is smaller than the other. The other is faster on some part than the other.

Like all the application developers build different applications. That’s why are frameworks are different. But it’s build on the same JavaScript (or TypeScript) language.

So the JavaScript war is pointless! We have to see those libraries and frameworks like tools, just like the carpenter uses different types of hammers, screwdrivers or saw.

A Library or Framework Should Make YOU Powerful

If you have the feeling you should learn another framework because the other one is better. Don’t do it!

If you are familiar with one framework and you feel good about it and it makes you feel powerful. Stick with it!

When you like to experiment with that brand new framework that came out. Keep it an experiment because you like it. If you don’t like it, stop! Yes, it could be big, but don’t bet on it from the start.

Beginner in the JavaScript world? Pick something you understand (make sure you understand the basics of JavaScript first). Pick something that makes you feel powerful! If it’s easy to make something super awesome, go for it!

So don’t worry about others who say that the other framework is better because it doesn’t have to be for you.

I’m happy that I tried a couple of different frameworks, so I have them when needed. But it happends a lot that I don’t have the right tools for that moment, so I have to learn them, no problem right 😉

I’ve gathered a couple of aspiring developers around the world on a Discord server, feel free if you like to join in.


I hope that it’s clear, we don’t have to fight against each other if we like another framework than someone else. Let’s respect others’ choices!

Let’s inspire each other to build awesome stuff! With whatever we like. The war is pointless right 😉✌️

I hope that you learned something new by reading my post. If you have questions about it, please let me know in the comments, I’m happy to answer them.

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