The Undefined Dev #1

I want to create a habit for myself to improve my writing and writing more often to develop that habit. I’m calling this “The Undefined Dev” because it’s gonna be about what I do, working on, like and a lot more developer-related things.

It’s been a while I’ve sent a newsletter, but I was not sitting still of course. I’ve written a lot of posts on Medium which I enjoyed doing.

TypeScript For Beginners
_A practical way to learn TypeScript from

3 Lessons From Developer Job Rejections
_Push through even when it’s hard!

We Are Not Serious Enough About Software Development
_Why don’t we treat software the way we treat real-world infrastructure?

Lately, I’ve created a video for my little friends at the Dutch organization Coder Dojo Nederland to support kids with learning to build their website with HTML & CSS. (Yes, it’s in dutch)

Currently, I’m working on a new content idea, so I made a little demo for it. It’s to build a dark mode for your website with TypeScript and the cool CSS variables.

It’s so easy! Everyone can do it with ease.

Here is the draft I’m working on at CodeSandbox, let me know what you think of it.

I will create a full tutorial on this, so I hope you are patient with that.

If you have any content suggestions to write, please let me know.

I hope you are safe and healthy!

I would love to share tips about creating content for programmers

Happy coding!

What content would you like to see more off?