How to Create Gradient Titles Like Apple’s iPad Pro Page

Source: Apple iPad Pro

I don’t know if you’ve seen the new iPad Pro — I think it’s awesome! But I want to talk about Apple product pages which, just like the new iPad Pro, I’m a big fan of. I noticed that they have some cool titles with a gradient background…

The first thing I did was try to select the text. In the early days, images were created with JavaScript via the <canvas> tag so the text would not be selectable. But surprisingly enough I could select the text!

I inspected how Apple made the gradient background. In this article, I’m going to teach you to do it too.

Background-clip: text

All you need to do is put a background image or gradient on the tag and a few other properties:

h1 {    background-clip: text;  -webkit-background-clip: text;  color: transparent;    background-size: cover;    background-image: url('');}

We have to add a prefix, -webkit-background-clip, for Safari, or it won't work. For Chrome and Firefox, it will work perfectly fine.

Background Gradient

To make it more lightweight we can use a CSS background gradient:

h1 {    background-clip: text;  -webkit-background-clip: text;  color: transparent;    background-size: cover;    background: linear-gradient(147deg, rgba(249,15,216,1) 0%, rgba(245,67,119,1) 26%, rgba(252,28,28,1) 50%, rgba(255,195,13,1) 75%, rgba(114,251,89,1) 100%);}

There are a few generators that can help you make these gradients.


If you need inspiration for awesome gradients, is a great resource.

CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient lets you create complex CSS background gradients with a simple editor. When you’re done you can copy the CSS and paste it into your code.


I’ve created a demo with the CSS background-clip. If you need gradient images, check Unsplash for free images.

I want to include your examples here too! If you make something cool with the background-clip: text;, add the link in the comment so I can include them to inspire others.

Browser Support

According to, it’s supported in all major browsers, even since IE9.

Safari does not support -webkit-background-clip: text; for <button> elements. But you can put <span>inside <button> to get the same result. (Source:

Happy coding! 🚀


I have discovered that the browser programmers work hard to support all kinds of new CSS features. I hope this will gave you some new possibilities for your CSS toolbox.

I’m looking forwards to seeing all the cool things you build with it!

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How to Create Gradient Titles Like Apple’s iPad Pro Page
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