How To Earn Money As Programmer During The Coronavirus

How To Earn Money As Programmer During The Coronavirus

In times like these where companies with programming employees are a bit unsure about their income revenue, it’s your responsibility to provide yourself an income.

There are multiple ways to earn money next to having a job.

In this post I’m gonna show you that having a job is not the only way to get an income. Especially in times like these with the coronavirus, you must learn to provide yourself.

When this time of the virus is over, you can continue doing this as a side stream of income, so it’s not wasted time.

1. Write Online Tutorials

You’re now reading this story on Medium. Did you know that you can write stories on Medium and earn money at the same time?

On Medium you can get paid when paid members are reading your articles. So if you have a few great posts people gonna read, you will earn money with it.

In my other post, I’ve written down some lessons I learned while writing programming tutorials for 8 years. Please use it for your profit!

You don’t have to be an excellent writer. But it helps when you can write in English and tell a story.

I got help from Grammarly which you can use for free. Grammarly will prevent you from making terrible grammar mistakes. To be honest I can’t write without it.

When writing programming tutorials, make sure that every tool used has a link to it, that will make it very useful for your readers!

If you need some help with it, please let me know 😉

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2. Create Video Tutorials

If you are not the type of writer, but rather like to explain things while talking, than making programming video tutorials is a better fit for you.

You don’t need that much to get started. Just a computer and maybe a webcam. But you can also create them by just recording your screen.

With creating video tutorials you must talk clearly and remove the biggest background noises.

When you select a topic to create a programming video, make sure people are interested in it. Make sure that you know where and how to find your public.

What helped me creating programming videos was great preparation. Write down what you want to teach. Even better, if you want to teach people “how to build xxx” videos. Make sure you already build your version of it.

If you push that project to Github, you are offering a great resource after the video to look to your code. That is also the place they can ask questions in the issues section.

3. Work Freelance

A lot of freelance jobs can be done remotely. That’s why it is so great during the time where not a lot of people should gather.

There are great platforms for finding remote jobs or projects.

  1. RemoteOK
  2. Codeable
  3. Topcoder
  4. Toptal
  5. Better Programming Job board

So if you like to work freelance, go search, find, hustle and work from home while working on great projects for awesome clients around the globe.


I hope that your not the person that is hit by the virus of course! But I definitely hope that those ideas can help you provide an income stream for you and your family.

If you need advice or having questions about my story, please add them in the comments.

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