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5 Lessons From Writing Programming Tutorials for 8 Years

5 Lessons From Writing Programming Tutorials for 8 Years
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Writing online can feel empowering and scary at the same time! In this post, I want to share the five lessons I learned from writing and publishing my work online in the past eight years.

1. Not Everyone Wants Your Help

Most of the time, I write articles to help others. But sometimes people who read my story don’t want my help.

Or don’t like my solution to a problem they don’t have.

Or the solution doesn’t match with their problem.

There are a lot of things people potentially don’t like about your post.

But hey, you did your best! You had the best intention and that is all that matters!

2. People Can Be Very Supportive

During my time writing online, I’ve always been empowered by people who are supportive! Receiving claps, gaining new followers, or having your work shared by others elicits an exciting feeling. This feeling is so awesome!

But I learned that this should never be overshadowed by reactions of people who don’t like your work.

So, always celebrate every positive experience you have. Those positive sparks are going to push you further! They keep you motivated every time.

3. Not Everyone Agrees With You

It happens to everyone who publishes their work online — people that don’t agree with what you say in your article. And they don’t have to.

But when they let you know in the comments, realize that some do this with a positive mindset, some don’t. When they sound very rude, aggressive, or provocative, focus on the facts they are telling, don’t focus on that emotion.

You don’t want your comments filled with your bad behavior. Fill it with facts, realism, and optimism above anything else!

4. Write With Karma in Mind

Always keep in mind how someone can interpret your content. If people are in a bad mood, they are likely to interpret your words in that same way.

If you always write your content or comments in a friendly, positive or optimistic way, people are more likely to write in the same way.

I believe in “what you reap is what you sow.” When you give positivity, you will get that back. If you give negativity, you will get negativity back.

This is karma!

5. Start Before You’re Ready

I still remember when I was in college, my grammar sucked. I’m a native English speaker. But both Dutch (yes, I’m from the Netherlands) and English were terrible. But later on, I realized I liked writing.

I started to push it online even though it was bad as hell! Until people started commenting on that.

So I started to search for tools that could help me improve my writing. Up to this day, I highly trust Grammarly to help me to write “good enough” tutorials and blog posts.

Sometimes I ask people to proofread my blog posts. Man, I’ve learned so much about that!

Thanks, Daniel Roxas.

If you tell yourself “I will wait to publish my things online until I’m ready,” well dear, wonderful human being, that moment is never going to be there!

So, publish what feels good enough, and ask people around you for advice, or use tools like Grammarly to write better.

Because you will only become ready when you start writing and publishing.

Today, there is nothing easier than putting your writing online!


I hope that my lessons will help you start or go further in your growth process like I do every day.

If you have questions or suggestions, please write them down in the comment section below. If this post made you publish your first story, or when you want to share your lessons, please feel free to share them with your comment.


I’m Ray, a Frontend Developer since 2009 living in the Netherlands. I write about Frontend Development, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, CSS, VueJS and a lot more related topics.

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