Top 5 Favourite Medium JavaScript Posts

Photo by [Clément H]( on [Unsplash]( Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

This month was a busy month in which I published 9 posts about JavaScript, TypeScript and being a Developer. (read the links below)

Next to that I readed a lot of other posts by other great writers. These are my top 5 favorite JavaScript posts of this month.

My Top 5 JavaScript Posts Februari 2020

What does a Worker do in JavaScript?
_JavaScript A new thread that gets you out of code blocking One of the most inconvenient features of JavaScript for…

Parallel programming in JavaScript
_So what are Web Workers? A web worker is a JavaScript program running on a different thread, in parallel with main…

EcmaScript vs TypeScript — Private Fields
_What is the difference between the private keyword of TypeScript against the # character of EcmaScript/

New JavaScript Features Coming in ES2020 That You Can Use Now
_Since the release of ES6 in 2015, JavaScript has been evolving fast with tons of new features coming out in each…

TypeScript Nullish Coalescing Operator: Always Have a Fallback Value
_A fallback value without null and undefined with the Nullish Coalescing

My Posts From Februari 2020

You Don’t Need a JavaScript Framework
_Sometimes React, Angular, or Vue.js might be too

3 Tips for Junior Developers
_It’s not easy to be a junior developer, but stick with it, it’s worth

Classes With Private Properties in TypeScript 3.8
_Finally, privacy in TypeScript/JavaScript

The Skill You Need to Grow as a Person
_Be helpfull to anyone in everything, it’s a WIN-WIN!

5 Reasons Why You Should Write Technical Blog Posts as Developer
_How writing technical blog posts can help you early in your developer

Make Your JavaScript Objects More Predictable by Creating Maps
_No more undefined

7 Steps to Dockerize Your Angular 9 App With Nginx
_Set up your Angular 9 app in a Docker environment and deploy it in no

An Introduction to TypeScript Property Decorators
_A deeper dive into TypeScript

7 Lessons I Learned While Being a Developer for 10 Years
_Lessons I learned which will hopefully save you time and

A Practical Introduction to TypeScript Class Decorators
_Classes on fire in TypeScript with class


Thanks for checking my posts! I hope you like my list for this month.

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