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The Skill You Need to Grow as a Person

The Skill You Need to Grow as a Person
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It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone

As a kid, I always had a natural feeling for helping others. I helped friends, family, classmates. In every age in my life, I helped people with different things.

My classmates during cooking lessons. My grandmother with her groceries. Later on my classmates with some Photoshop, even when the got higher rewards because of my help.

Because I helped people so much, I grew in my skills in all kinds of fields. I wanted to be very good in Web Development at a young age. I started helping others with that.

To help others, even if you don’t know everything about the topic, forced me to dive more into it.

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Because it forced me (by passion) to dive more into Web Development, it became easier to help others.

Nowadays I raised the bars with my passion for helping others. I write a lot of Medium stories to help others. When I get questions I and I don’t know the answer to it. I will make sure that most of the time, I find the answer.

So If you want to grow in a specific skill, please help others who struggle with it. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with it. It definitely gonna help the other like yourself!

Sometimes you have to say, “I don’t know”. You don’t have to be ashamed about!

Mentoring and Teaching

When you grow your skill level, you can start growing in a coaching and teaching role.

That is one of the nicest things that exist! But still, it doesn’t mean you know everything. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from someone who is starting.

Sometimes people who are starting look different to things than you do. That can help you change your perspective on things you even didn’t notice before.

There are also a lot of developers out there, who know a lot more than me! I’m glad to! So that means, I can still learn! :-)

Don’t Think You’re Not Good Enough

My message to those who are doubting their knowledge on topics they want to grow in. Never say to yourself I’m not good enough!

And if you have a lot of experience. Never tell people who are starting that you are better. Or worse, be arrogant!

Always think you can learn from anyone! Every experienced person started one day!

Everyone is good enough and everyone can learn! It doesn’t matter how experienced you are.


Thanks for reading all the way to here. I hope my positive vibe will spread among a lot of people! Because this message is not only applicable to people in the Tech industry.

You can apply this to any field, any profession or skill.

Be helpful! I guarantee you will get all the positivity back!!

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