Coding is Dead! Long Live Low-code Development!

Coding is Dead! Long Live Low-code Development!

Coding the whole day every day can be challenging. Not everyone can do this.

If you can’t keep up with the fast-growing and changing programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, you will lose your jobs for people who can do this.

Well, that’s what I thought for a very long time.

There are also revolutions happening in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, bots, and so much more. Who will keep up with all these technologies?

Coding is dead sounds hard, but I think we are at the forefront of a revolution in how we have taught about code for a long time. Will professional developers lose their jobs? Or will they evolve? I think professional developers and lowcode developers will join forces!

Will professionals lose their jobs in the future?

I Quit!

If you think about artificial intelligence, it sounds like these systems can replace our jobs. Because many processes can be automated in our jobs, we might lose our jobs.

Well, I don’t think we will lose our jobs as professional developers. I believe there will be less coding in our development jobs.

I believe a small group of brilliant developers will create platforms on which we will build future applications.

Since the current COVID pandemic, every business had to change and automate its processes to stay in business.

When many companies need a lot more professional developers, it will be much more clear we have a shortage of developers because we as developers know that growing developers takes a lot of time!

Growing developers take a lot of time

Growing takes time

If you are a developer, think back to the time you dreamed of being a professional developer. For you, It was three years ago; for some, it was 20+ years ago.

But one thing is a fact, getting started as a developer is hard. Being productive as a developer is hard; gaining experience in multiple technologies is much harder.

Becoming a developer is not for everyone. I don’t want to discourage code newbies who are just getting started, but it’s not easy.

It takes a lot of time to become a good developer!

Since it takes a lot of time, some people will stop their journey after a short time. And that’s a sad thing because many companies have a shortage of developers right now.

But there is a solution!

Professional Developers + Citizen Developers + Low Code platforms = WIN WIN WIN

Collaboration is a WIN WIN situation

I believe the future of software development will move towards low-code platforms! Maybe even faster than we could imagine!

In the current shortage of professional developers, we have spots for citizen developers and low code platforms.

Here is why!

Citizen developers are people who are working in a company and have a lot of knowledge about the processes of these companies. Most developers won’t have this in-depth knowledge.

These people do know what kind of software they or their clients need. So they have gold in their hands.

Next to that are low code platforms. (If you want to know a few of these platforms, check my previous story) A low code platform is a software that helps people create software with a visual interface.

These platforms can help citizen developers create a simple and complex application effortlessly. Yes, there will be limitations! There we have a professional developer who can help with that!

Creating fusion development teams with professional developers and citizen developers using low code platforms is a win-win.

Why will it be a win-win for all of them?

Fusion teams are the future!

I believe companies will benefit from fusion teams! These kinds of teams have all the knowledge in a group. And since low code platforms will make it easier for both developers to deliver their functionalities, the teams will be more predictable.

Being predictable is what business long for us, but very few teams are predictable.

We make estimations that are not correct because we are missing insights on the technical or business side of the process. Building software in the traditional way requires a lot of experience and knowledge.

Low code platforms are dealing with a lot of these complexities. Citizen developers bring a lot of business experience, and professional developers support them with that technical knowledge. This will help improve the time to market for an MVP.

Maybe this sounds too far away or too good to be true, but I promise you development teams are already changing today.

Earlier this year Brocoders published an interesting post “Low-Code Development: Why It Is Important and Why It Can’t Replace Traditional Approach

Programming jobs are changing now

As a professional developer reading this, it may sound awful! I can imagine that! It did sound shocking to me when I started researching this topic.

But right now, it makes sense. It will be beneficial for companies, professional developers, and business people.

Programming jobs are changing right now!

I think it’s very smart that professional developers are becoming more familiar with low-code platforms. It’s a good idea to try them out to see what benefit they have for your development process.

Even though you love coding ;-), I highly advise developers to embrace this change for the future of software development. After all, we love to build great experiences for our users! Let’s do that with tools and processes that help us all.


What do you think of the future of fusion development teams? Would you like it? Or would you hate it? I would love to hear other opinions about this topic.


After reading this post, I hope you learned something new or are inspired to create something new! 🤗

If I left you with questions or something to say as a response, scroll down and type me a message. Please send me a DM on Twitter @DevByRayRay when you want to keep it private. My DM’s are always open 😁


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Coding is Dead! Long Live Low-code Development!

Coding is dead sounds hard, but I think we are at the forefront of a revolution in how we have taught about code for a long time. Will professional developers lose their jobs? Or will they evolve? I think professional developers and lowcode developers will join forces!