Jump Start Your Developer Career From Zero To Hero


Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

With this method, which may blow your mind, you are going to jump-start your developer career from zero to hero!

This method is so simple! All of the best of the best developers on this planet already did it.

In this post I’m going to tell you all about it!

Yes this title looks clickbait 😚 but it isn’t!

For all those people that love T.L.D.R.

Build things. Experiment. Test It. Explore.

But Above All, BUILD!

Don’t Worry On What To Learn

I see it daily when I open Twitter.

Questions like:

  • What language should I learn first?
  • Should I dive into React or Angular
  • What is best Python or NodeJS

Well all of these things don’t matter! It’s that simple!

If you want to grow as a developer you shouldn’t worry about this! You should pick what you like, what makes you super hyped.

You should dive into it!

How can you do that best?

Decide What To Build

Well, to build a shit load of stuff!

The best developers of this planet experiment all the time. Most of the time they picked a language because they found it interesting. Not because they were worrying for weeks what they should learn.

When I open Twitter I see questions like:

  • What should I build?
  • I don’t have anything in my portfolio
  • Coding is hard, probably it’s not for me

And I get that a lot of people who are just beginning their 100 Days Of Code are full of doubt! That’s normal. Even experienced developers are doubting if they are good enough!

But if you only worry about what to learn and what to build, you will never grow or even start!

Don’t Fall In The Tutorial Or Courses Loop

People think they can learn to program from a course or a few tutorials.

Yes, they can help! But they would never make you a developer! They teach you stuff, sometimes even very valuable stuff like the courses from my personal hero Wes Bos.

But the reason he could make all of these tutorials and courses is that he build a ton of stuff!

I created a lot of tutorials for others to learn. But I wasn’t able to create them if I was only following courses or tutorials.

Go And Build!

If you found this message a bit hard, I’m sorry!

This message is for all those people to wake up, realize that the only way to jumpstart a career is to build stuff on their own.

Try, experiment, test, build and fail a lot is the message. If you run into bugs and errors, that’s the time when you can train the “problem solving” part of your brain.

Learn to solve a problem is the most important thing to have as a developer. The second is to be able to find solutions. You can only do that by having problems.

Tutorials and courses won’t teach you that!

So drop yourself into a challenge, build it, solve bugs, and discover why you got errors!

That will jumpstart your career as a developer from zero to hero!

I’ve gathered a couple of aspiring developers around the world on a Discord server, feel free if you like to join in.


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