Screw New Years resolutions as a web developer! (Work Hard, Play hard)

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Hahaha, you may be thinking? It’s just beginning of December and you are starting with “Screw the New Years resolutions”?

Well, that’s my opinion!

And I’m gonna keep it short because it doesn't need that many words!

So why I want you to screw New Year's resolutions as web developers?

Well not completely! But since our work area, topics and techniques are changing so fast, I think it’s now necessary to make a plan for the whole 2018.

So planning a year ahead is too much!

Just make a plan for 1 month.

So you make yourself flexible!

Next year there probably will be more frameworks and libraries on the market. Just like this year.

Make a list of 2 things you want to learn this month! After you learned it and feeling comfortable with your knowledge. Decide to dive deeper into the topic or check something else.

My personal plan this coming month is diving into VueJS and NuxtJS.

  • But I want this because I want to build the new blog with this frameworks!
  • Also because I believe VueJS is gonna be as big as ReactJS is.

So that’s now much of a plan, but good and big enough to keep me focused a month.

I would recommend you to make a list of 2 things you want to dive in this month and write down a few reasons so you know why.

Reasons like, “Well this looks so awesome” or “You can make super fun stuff with X framework” is good enough to me!

It is about you! It is also about having fun! Fun is the best motivator next to money!

So please let me know what are your plans for this month?

Hopefully, you will tune in next week for another podcast!

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