Start building a simple Portfolio Website for a Junior Developer

Junior Developer

Your searching the web for “How to build a portfolio website” as a Junior Developer!

That can be challenging because you don’t have a lot of projects to show!

Well In one of my Podcasts I told you a few ideas of how to get projects but don’t go freelance.

The excuses of “I don’t have anything to show” is BULLSHIT📢! If you want to be a developer and want to land a great job as a Junior Developer, you have to put your name out on the open web! The INTERNET!


When doing the live video and writing this I will keep my friend Sami in mind. I’ve met Sami in the beginning of February 2016, when I started Mr Frontend.

I posted a tweet if there where any junior developers need any help or mentoring. That was not arrogant, but I had the feeling that I could help out and made an impact in people’s lives!

A portfolio is important for Junior Developers

But to come back to the origin of this post. I see a lot of junior developers focussing on non-important stuff. Worry about which framework they should pick for their portfolio. Or how fast can they learn that other cool library?

But none of this is the most important things a developer should do! As you first start with developing with HTML, CSS and maybe JavaScript. It is more important to learn to code. Learn the basics!

If you focus on that portfolio that you need to make more change to land your first job or landing a better job, you have to put in the time and effort.

But don’t focus on doing perfect! Just make something simple with the minimal information and SHIP IT (I mean put it online hehe)!

After putting it online you can focus on making it cooler, fancier. But launch that first version fast!

If you want to land a job so bad, then "You've got to make your actions backup your ambition"!

If you are only talking about you want that job as a developer, put in the work, have patience and work your ass off! Follow your dream and believe you can do it!

A nice quote of Garry Vee is:

[caption id="attachment_1169" align="aligncenter" width="576"]You've got to make your actions backup your ambition! You can find more of Garry Vee his Wallpapers here![/caption]

Do you need any help?

If you need some guidance, mentoring or just help with your Portfolio, please just content me on Facebook, Twitter PM or Instagram DM and I would love to help!

You can ask Sami how I treat the people I help 🙏

If you want to have your portfolio reviewed by me, then put your link in the comments and I will spend a whole video about your portfolio giving actionable feedback!

Don’t be shy! Ask for my help!!!! 😉