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Every fifth episode of the Mr Frontend Podcast is gonna be a visual one! In this episode, I will talk about the new Mr Frontend Online Class, Frontend Love Conference, VueJS Conference and some cool Web Development new from these past weeks!

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Frontend Love Conference

Single course  / Frontend related topics like VueJS, ReactJS, and Angular February 15th, 2018 Theater Amsterdam
  • Luca Mezzalira (Google Developer Expert)
  • Simona Cotin (Developer Advocate Microsoft)
  • Michel Westrate (Creator MobX & Tech lead Mendix)
  • Norbert de Lange (Senior Frontend Consultant Xebia)

VueJS Conference in Amsterdam

Single course / VueJS related topics! February 16th, 2018 Theater Amsterdam
  • Evan You (Vue.js Creator)
  • Sarah Drasner (Developer Advocate Microsoft)
  • Guillaume Chau (Core team member Vue.JS)
  • Sebastien Chopin (NuxtJS co-author)

Web Dev News