🎧 Mr Frontend Podcast #2: What/Who is Mr Frontend and 3 tips for beginner developers!

Mr Frontend Podcast #2, is about who I am and what I do with Mr Frontend. And I give 3 important tips for developers that are just starting!

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This blog post is not exactly transcribed, it’s the same story but written down in my own words 😉.

Who and what is Mr Frontend?

I’m Raymon, started with a Desktop Publishing degree but turned into a Frontend Developer after finishing school. At the moment I have +/- 8 years of experience as a Frontend / JavaScript Developer.

I’ve started Mr Frontend to help developer getting inspired and more effective. Especially the developers who are just starting out. I teach them the technical part and coach them during the process of growing as a developer. This is really my passion!

Coaching & Teaching

I love teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the tooling around it. I do that by creating content on my blog, youtube. I’m very practical because that is my own way of learning. Learning by doing got me the where I’am today!

The coaching part is in my experience just as important as teaching the technical part. Via my blog and podcast, I want to inspire and coach you to go on! I do this by telling stories from my own experience, but in the future, I also want to share stories of others! If you want to share it, please content me 🙂, even if you just started out!

3 tips for beginner developers

But enough about me 😅.

Let’s start with the tips I want to share with beginner developers. Tips that helped me a lot or tips that I learned later on.

#1 Don’t be afraid to fail!

This is my one time favorite that I will share with everyone! Don’t be afraid to fail. I’ve already created a blog post about that. But if you are afraid to fail, you will never try new things. You will never learn new things.

Experience developers failed a lot more than they succeed! That’s what made them grow. That’s how the learned why you should things a certain way and not choose another way.

If you accept that failure is part of development or part of life than you will accept that not everything will go as you planned. If you accept failure you also embrace to learn. Because a failure can be turned into a learning moment.

Well as a developer you should be a flexible learner, you should try new stuff to train your brain or build an expertise.

Just admit you failed, check what you could learn from that failure and embrace it as a lesson for the next time!

#2 Be a flexible learner

As a developer comes very handy with being flexible. The main reason for that is, it is an illusion to think you can learn everything! In the world of a developer, there is so much different stuff to think of, it won’t fit in your brain!

Techniquest, libraries & frameworks come and go. So you will often need to change or adjust.

#3 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes it will happen that you are completely stuck with a bug or problem. Keep in mind to ask someone you know or if you don't know anyone, please use StackOverflow or even better Quora (that is my personal opinion!).

There are very friendly developers who want to help you and explain what the problem is. So get over the fair and just ask for help!

Of course, I would love to help you out!

What are your tips for developers who just starting

Do you have any personal tips to share for developers who are just starting? Please share them in the comments. Next episode I will pick the best one. I will mention you on it of course!

If you have any other thought about the podcast, feel free to give feedback in the comments 😉