🎧 Mr Frontend Podcast #1 – The JavaScript Framework War

This is the first episode of the Mr Frontend Podcast.


This is not the transcribed version of the podcast, but a summary of what I talked about in the podcast!

This week I was listening to a podcast Start here Web Development - Learn a Framework not a Language.

At the start, his idea was making me a little bit angry, because in my opinion developers should learn Vanilla JavaScript before working with a JavaScript Framework.

Learning Vanilla JavaScript first then a JavaScript framework has some advantages and disadvantages.

Pros & Cons for learning Vanilla JavaScript first

  • Learning Vanilla JavaScript will give you the feeling of going slowly.
  • “Hello World” examples are boring!
  • After a while, it will give you a strong knowledge base
  • Helps you fix bugs more easy and faster
  • When you have more experience, it will make you more flexible in the choice of a JavaScript Framework

Pros & Cons for learning JavaScript by a Framework 

  • Frameworks make the development easier
  • Will give you a jump start
  • If there is a bug, you gonna have a hard time fixing.
  • Are well tested across browsers
  • Won’t force you to learn the basics of Vanilla JavaScript
Well, both lists could go on and on.

I prefer learning Vanilla JavaScript first, that is because of my own experience with not knowing JavaScript. I got refused a lot when searching a new job!

But in the end, everyone is a different learner! I like to learn from video’s, you like to learn from books and someone else likes to learn differently. But that’s not wrong!

We are all different types of people. But learning is the best skill you can have as a Developer! So it’s pretty important to know your way of learning!

You should empower the way you like to learn, it will make you more happy and motivated. If your friend likes to learn from books, let him/her do that. Do you like to watch coding video’s on Youtube? Stick with it! Know your way of learning the best!

My 3 tips for deciding how to learn JavaScript

Tip 1

Pick the way you like to learn!

Try different things before you decide. There is no right or wrong! There is only your way of doing it. After a while, you will discover what works for you!

Tip 2

When your hitting a knowledge wall or can’t figure out a bug, ask for HELP!

Don’t wait a week or month to fix your issue! Just ask for help!

Tip 3

Find a developer that wants to help you, guide you or mentor you!

(Btw, that is where Mr Frontend is all about. Helping you to learn Frontend Development more effectively with help!)


My question for you to answer in the comments, how do you like to learn JavaScript? The Vanilla way or the Framework way? What did it bring you?

Share your story with me! And if you need any help, please let me know 😊