How I think about the Imposter Syndrome from a Developer perspective

I created this video because I was inspired by the talk of Jessica Rose that she gave at the Fronteers Conference 2017! Unfortunately, the video of this talk is not online yet, but this is the talk of a few years ago.

Her talk It was so relatable! And I wanted to share a few things from what I learned from it, and a few additions from my own!

Video notes

Link to Jessica Rose website: Link to Jessica Rose twitter:

Experiencing an Imposter Syndrome?

To be honest, every developer has that feeling of not deserve to do this work or not being good enough! After 8 years, I have that same feeling sometimes! It doesn't matter how much years experience you have!

I'm wondering if you have that same feeling as I do? And how do you live with it? How do you go through these hard feeling?

Please let me know so we can share it with each other! You can put your answer in the comments, or just register for our open Facebook Group community so we can have a real conversation about this important topic!