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How long would it take to start building your own projects with Vanilla JavaScript?

Well, first it is important to know what your definition of a project is because you can have super small projects, but also very big projects.

When you are learning JavaScript itself, it is very important you start working on small projects with the smallest things you have learned.

Because if you want to be better at it, you should take the theory in practice. Everyone can watch others code, but that is not gonna make you a better Developer in JavaScript!

So during the learning road of JavaScript set yourself a goal. That you want to learn in a few months, how you can code a Todo app for example.

A Todo app can have a lot of basic JavaScript things in it!

When you finally have that Todo app, you also have a finished project/product of your learning with JavaScript.

So don’t question yourself how much time it will take you to learn JavaScript before you can build projects. Just start with building small projects with the knowledge you have and put that knowledge into practice because that will help you grow in it!

Hope this will help you 😉


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