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It's not possible to know EVERYTHING as a Developer, so don't be afraid of that!

In this video, I share why you shouldn't be afraid of not knowing EVERYTHING as a Developer.

If you are just starting as a Web Developer or already have some experience, you will discover that there is so much to learn.

Every day there comes a new CSS & JavaScript framework, build tool, a technique to handle your Development and process.

But It is simply not possible to know EVERYTHING.

I would recommend trying things when you think it will empower you in your job, or when your team decides a new tool to use, then learn it! Otherwise just check it short, but don't spend too much time on EVERYTHING.

You can't check out all the newest stuff! Just focus on the most important.

If you are just happy with the tool or framework you are using currently, stick with it as long as it will empower you in your Development.

Enjoy! If you have comments, questions or opinions please share them in the comments! 😇


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